Saturday, October 4, 2008


Luke & I officially put our condo on the market this week. It is a move we both knew was coming, and yet I feel a twinge of sadness in doing so. With the economy the way it is it may take ages to sell, but we're okay with that. We both just understand that we need a house and a yard and space for our little family to be what it should...

Here are couple pictures of what
we are saying good-bye to.

dining/living room
kitchenmaster bedroombedroom/crafty cityAnd finally a favorite corner of our home:
Wish us luck...


Katie said...

I will not be selfish but wish you guys the best of luck!!!

mother of squirrel said...

best of luck Georgia.
It looks georgeous- but I know you will make your house even better.
Clementine would love a yard, you should've seen her in Bushnell.
I would love to hear news of the "family" getting bigger anything you keeping secret?-just kidding.
You know how I think you would be a great mother!!!

Rosa said...

Good Luck!

The economy is bad, however, when you have a very stylish and move-in-ready home, people are more apt to put offers in. My biggest advice is keep your home "showing ready" at all times. It gets tough, but I see that you have a very modern minimalist style that will translate well to buyers.

I can't wait to hear good news about a sale soon!