Sunday, December 21, 2008


Milk glass has evolved into a very distinct part of my decorating style. Maybe five or six years ago I came upon an abandoned vase that made its way home with me, and now I have too many pieces to be bothered to count them. I know many think granny or outdated, I see timeless white translucent beauty. My mother recently added to my collection with this table setting for two. Could it be more perfect? Look at the lines, the shape of the cup handles...
And it had to just get better with the sugar and cream dishes. Thanks Momma...
In crafting new I continue to be a bad auntie as I have yet to finish these mittens for my little red-headed niece. She received the hat quite awhile, but that final thumb keeps evading me. I must finish these tonight...thumbs -crossed.

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Faith said...

I've never heard of milk glass before, but those are beautiful! I can see how an obsession would be easy to start with those.

The mittens are precious! I always get stuck on thumbs too. Hope you are able to finish them up soon!