Monday, March 2, 2009


Throw pillows never come easy to me. It isn't the construction I find hard, but just making something that I actually want sitting in my house a month later. So here is yet another attempt. I'm feeling a bit more pleased than I normally do at the end of pillow project, but only time will tell. Creating all the little tucks by hand was tedious, but enjoyable too.
A couple weeks ago my mom and I spent the day at a few of our favorite Chicago thrift stores. As I always tend to do, I loaded up on a pile of lots of little mismatched dishes. A creamer dish, lots of little plates and saucers, set of gold-plated port glasses, and a mound of cereal bowls (we never seem to have enough).
To this day it still boggles me that people don't appreciate the thrilling hunt of thrift stores. To dig through a mound of junkie old Christmas platters and discover a nineteenth century ironstone serving dish edged in pink at the bottom. How could it get any better than that?


Julie said...

I agree! I can't wait for garage sale season to start up here. About another month or so!

melissa said...

i totally agree! there is nothing better than finding an awesome thrift score. :)

mother of squirrel said...

you know I'm totally with you on that post!!!
I love the pillow too!!
You are great with details.
I just made pillow slipcovers for my couch too!!
Any little pick-me-up to get through staying inside another long winter day

Anonymous said...

I love mismatched dishes. I have a tea service for 12, complete with teacups, saucers, cake plates, dinner plates, teapot, coffee pot, sugar and creamer, honey pot, serving dishes, condiment dish, etc...and not one thing matches. It is so pretty together, because I had a few rules so there would be a common thread running through it all. It all had to be floral or fruit pattern, all bone china, and all edged in gold. The great thing is if anything gets broken then all I have to do is pick up a replacement at the flea market, antique shop, or TJ Maxx. I chose to have 12 settings because that is a good number for a tea with girlfriends. Not too big so all have a chance to visit with everyone there.