Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So yes, I haven't written here in ten months. It's what a baby will do to you. If you have one you understand, if you don't I imagine you still get it.

Spent yesterday loving a post over at Karen Barbe and had to give her little tutorial a try. And remarkably little A has actually allowed me to do so. Normally he gets very nosy whenever I get out anything that I'd prefer he not play with.

Setting up the weave...

A little rough, but a first attempt. Hoping I'll get better...

My lovely former boss had a baby girl about a week ago. I wasn't quite prepared with a gift. A hat is now in the works. Forgot I had this cotton, so soft.

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Elisabeth said...

Babies tend to keep the moms away from crafting and blogging ;) know all about it!

but it's lovely to see you back, I've missed your posts :) and what a wonderful little project to start with!