Sunday, April 1, 2012


I guess it is inevitable that there will be a mommy melt-down occasionally. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Little A has been teething (molars are a bitch) for the last couple weeks and grumpy just touches on his disposition. Earlier in the week he had a particularly bad day which meant I too was having a particularly bad day. While sitting on the toilet I looked up just in time to see my precious boy wielding a large wooden spoon that met with a whack to the side of my face. Before I even had time to process a correct response I hollered for him to "Get out of the bathroom!" He burst into tears which meant I burst into tears. Had I really just screamed at my sweet darling. He sure hadn't seemed so sweet just 20 seconds before. I scooped him up and said I'm sorry. He may only be a year old, but I figure it's better to start humbling myself enough to apologize. I know there will many times when I will owe him one. After a hug and a little tickling all was forgotten for him, but me, well, I'm still beating myself up. I keep reminding myself this kind of thing happens even though most mommies at the playground would never fess up to it. I just had to reboot and put us both down for a nap...

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