Saturday, February 2, 2013


We saw our first real snow this winter. Enough that it was worth pulling out the snow pants and boots and packing on the layers for a morning outdoors. But before A and I ventured out into the cold, a warm and yes a little decadent breakfast was in order. We love oatmeal in our house but tend to fall in the rut of raisins and brown sugar. Delicious as that classic combo is this morning I switched things up.

I sliced a banana, sprinkled the slices with brown sugar, broiled them till they were all caramelized and yummy looking. Then I topped the oatmeal with a splash of heavy cream and the banana slices. So delicious and simple and gobbled up promptly.

Then out to the snow till noses and cheeks became rosy and fingers turned to little icicles in our wimpy drugstore gloves.

And what better way to warm up than snuggled close together on the sofa watching a movie. To think the day is only half over. What else could be in store?

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