Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Been worrying a fair amount about how Little A will do when his little brother arrives. As far as I can tell he seems to comprehend that I do indeed have a baby inside me, and at times he is even quite tender and kisses my belly and says "I lub you baby brother." But what can he possibly know of the changes to come. Sharing the time and attention that we give him, having to wait to be helped or played with while the baby nurses, toys that will no longer be just his, and on and on. I realize most of us went through it as children ourselves and are none the wiser to it now as adults. Will he remember? Will he be excited or just disappointed to see Mommy holding another so often? These questions keep me up. Causing me worry that probably isn't worth worrying over. What will come will come. I will keep loving A with all my might and hope he can feel it even if my attention is divided.

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