Sunday, August 10, 2014

62 - A Day at the Park

I want our boys to experience the magic of our bustling city, the dream of architects and planners. The way things are always growing and changing and becoming something more.

We live on the northwest side of Chicago and so a trip downtown doesn't happen everyday. It is a special experience and our boys loved every minute of it. We hopped the brown line el in the early afternoon on Saturday. It was time for them to see Millennium Park. Cloud Gate more commonly known as the Bean is so much fun for a three year old. A giant mirror to dance and wave into. After a short detour to enjoy the gorgeous sculptures currently on display in the Boeing Gallery, really breathtaking, we headed to the Crown Fountain. I knew this would be the highlight of the trip for the boys, the water, the changing faces. Both were enamored and only when the sun had finally descended behind the buildings and their lips started to turn blue was I able to pry them away. Bundled up in towels and after a quick dinner we headed to the train with two very sleepy, sweet babes. 

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