Saturday, August 14, 2010


In a year and four months a whole lotta business can go down. For instance one can sell a condo, spend much too long sleeping on the floor of a month to month apartment, buy a house, get pregnant, have their workplace destroyed in a fire, rip out an entire kitchen down to the studs, and still find time for all the other stuff like family, friends, and creating. Yes, I am pregnant in case you missed that in my long list. Our baby boy is due in November and I have to say it is the best having a baby of my own to knit and sew for.

Here are the first things I made for him...
He might be a boy, but this momma-to-be isn't going to be hindered in my efforts to dress him up in handmade goodies. (seems like so much cute fabric, yarn, patterns are so girlie)

It's good to blog about it all. Sometimes I just forget.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It is nice to have an update, as I've enjoyed your blog for many years.

Faith said...

I'm so sorry about the fire and the remodeling, but congratulations on your precious little boy!