Monday, June 17, 2013

53 - Celebrating Luke

Some weekends don't work out all as you expect and yet they are just right in the end. This weekend was about focusing on Luke and reminding him how much we love him. We had plans to fish, go to the beach, and all sorts of things, but we ended spending most of it relaxing at home with a few jaunts out for some food, a bookstore and such. I was feeling bad that all our plans weren't coming together and then I realized Luke was having a great time and got over myself.

For much of A's first year Luke was so swamped at work we sometimes would go days without almost seeing him at all. Although it was difficult, I knew that it was all for us, and felt his love through his dedication to provide for our little family. As he has settled further into his new(ish) job and the management role it brought, he has been able to spend much more time home. Little A excitedly watches for Luke to pull up each day. He is so giddy when Daddy walks through the door and usually proceeds to spend the entire evening following him around like a little puppy. We are so blessed with this man. He's just right for us.

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Kylie said...

Sometimes the relaxing weekends are the best.