Sunday, June 30, 2013

54 - Last Weekend Before D Day

Our boy is due on Thursday. Not that a due date means all that much. He could show up tonight or two weeks from now, but Little A arrived a day after he was due and so I'm hopeful we won't be waiting too long. My belly feels stretched beyond capacity.

I have been so consumed with the any moment mentality that I have not really taken time to relish the final days of free hands, long afternoon naps with Little A, boobs that aren't sore as hell, or even the chance to cook a real dinner. This weekend we made up for it.

Saturday morning we headed downtown to the French Market to pick up hot doughnuts from Beavers Donuts. If you live in Chicago and you haven't tried them yet go get some now. My faves are the regular powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar. Eating them fresh and hot is what makes them so "liscious" (as Little A says).

The day continued how a weekend should, a little shopping, a nap, a movie, backyard playing, and staying up late to watch yet another movie. And it wouldn't be a standard or special weekend at our house if muffins didn't make an appearance so Sunday morning Little A and I busied ourselves baking. 

The rest of the day until an hour or so ago was spent outdoors. Books, markers, sewing machine, trucks, beers (boo hoo, none for me just yet), lots of watermelon, and any other summer necessities were hauled out. Crafting, reading, swimming, it was good. 

My brother, his wife and their awesome kiddos joined the fun early afternoon and stuck around for steak taco night...mmmmmm! Probably one of Luke's favorite dinners and perfect one for enjoying at the picnic table.

Have a little project I completed this weekend for Little A and baby boy, but we'll save that for another day.

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