Wednesday, July 10, 2013

55 - Baby Moccasins

Like so many mommas out there I am a great admirer of the beautiful leather moccasins from Freshly Picked, but I face a dilemma when it comes to getting them for my boys. They are simply not in our budget. I can't justify $60 for a single pair of shoes that will only last a few months before they are outgrown. So I started looking for a similar looking pattern to make my own. I found a great pattern on Etsy that comes in a wide array of sizes. Purchased a bag of leather scraps for $10 and had some baby elastic from a previous project. They may not be the genuine article, but I'm pretty happy with the results plus Little A loves wearing his.


Carolyn said...

Those are fabulous! I too balk at paying that much for baby booties. I hadn't thought of making my own, thanks for the idea.

Matthew Mueda said...

WOW! Something wonderful. So cute. Thanks for idea and this post.

Sarah said...

LOVE these and have been having the same dilemma! Can you please tell me which pattern on Etsy you followed?

Georgia said...

Here is a link the Etsy pattern I used. I did add fringe over the front elastic loop even though the pattern does not call for it.

Baby Moccasin Pattern: