Friday, August 29, 2014

65 - A Little Trip to Michigan

As the warm days wind down so does my list of summertime to-dos. The final item hanging out there was a weekend away at a cabin. As luck would have it Luke's former boss offered us a few days at his A-frame cabin in Michigan harbor country. It's a popular destination for city dwellers since the drive is only about two hours from Chicago.

We hadn't budgeted for a vacation this year and so a chance to stay somewhere for free that didn't require expensive flights either was too good to pass up. When Abel was one we had stayed there for a night and I spent the entire time keeping him off the stairs. This time we remembered a baby gate and before we brought the boys inside I gathered up anything breakable. Without having to worry about the stairs or the boys breaking all the glass fish platters the dynamic felt so much more relaxed.

It turned out to be just what our family needed. The boys slept in every morning which is a really big deal when you have toddlers. Abel caught his first and second and third and well, seven fish all together. He quickly became just as obsessed with fishing as his Daddy and seeing them share such enthusiasm was too cute. We spent an afternoon out on a boat. And the boys even humored me with a day of shopping in which I scored a beautiful painting and a bench at an antique store. It was everything and more than we had hoped for.

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