Tuesday, September 9, 2014

66 - Baby Knits

Baby fever must have been going around nine months ago because I have a new niece, nephew, and two of my childhood friends are expecting little fellows with their significant others any day now. For so long Luke and I have been the only ones in our group of friends with littles and so it's exciting to know more are on the way. I knew I better get busy, and quickly, with some gifts for those new arrivals. As I've posted here before I usually make the same sweater and hat for each baby but I decided to mix it up.
One little fellow received this linen blanket and these booties. I attached leather soles to add a little something special to the booties and tassels to the simple quilted blanket.
These tiny booties and diaper cover will soon be in the mail for another.
And a couple basic hats for yet another. I found a simple roll brim to be the best baby hat, stays in place, and without seams it's gentle on baby's head.

I plan on writing out the patterns for a few of these items if time permits and posting them up here. I always find pattern writing kind of boring and time consuming, but I really should for my own sake so that next time I go to make something similar I remember how I did it.

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