Monday, September 22, 2014

67 - A Couple More Weeknight Dinners

A couple years back I took the time to create a list of meals that went over well with our family. Nowadays when I make something new I almost always ask Luke if he'd happily eat it again, if so it gets added on. I actually find it incredibly difficult to come up with a meal plan each week without my list (and a couple recipe apps). Here are a couple of meals we recently added into the rotation:

Always so curious how others plan out dinners for their families. I've had friends who shopped each day on their way home from work, and even though I'm sure it's lovely to have really fresh ingredients that sounds so exhausting. I load up the boys at the beginning of the week and we shop for around 5 dinners. Those 5 meals carry us through the entire week with leftovers usually for one or two evenings. How do you plan out your dinners?


Dun R. said...

I plan them about like you do, but with a little difference. I plan 7 dinners and make double what we need, and freeze one dinner, and I do that for about a month. Then the next month, I plan for 3-4 dinners, again making double and freezing, but then I fill out the rest of the week with frozen dinners from the last month. To make that work I label the dinners before I freeze them, and write them on a list with the date. As I pull them from the freezer, I cross them off the list. This lets me only cook 3-4 nights a week, and still have a variety of meals. I also use a meat plan for variety. Mondays, chicken. Tuesday, beef. Wednesday, pork. Thursday, vegetarian. Friday, fish. Saturday, casserole, soup or stew. Sunday, ethnic (Mexican, Italian, etc.).

Georgia said...

I love the idea of taking the time to freeze meals. I do freeze around one meal every couple weeks but it's certainly not enough to really make a dent in how much I have to cook. I need to make an effort to double things more often so I can freeze them.